Choose Your Path

You may know what you do NOT want, but do you know what you do want? There’s a huge distinction between the two, wouldn’t you agree?

Thinking about where you would like to be in five years may give you a goal, but you must also consider the “here and now.” Ask yourself, “is this my time?” “What do I need to do to make this happen…” “is there something that might get in my way, what obstacles or issues?”

Identifying your strengths, talents, skills (and, yes, you have them) will help you to develop solutions to put you in the direction you wish to go. This can make or break achieving the goal.

To make changes in life, to grow, takes action. How much do you want it? Are you willing to work for it?

Next, ask yourself which mode is best suited to help me get to where I want to be. In other words, do you believe a skilled professional Life Coach would be helpful? Or perhaps there are a few things creating some anxiety or sadness that seem to stop you from getting going? If that’s the case perhaps a short term of counseling may be helpful.

I do not believe everyone is suited to psychotherapy or to coaching. Some may begin in counseling and move towards coaching; or, while in the coaching process, we may realize there are a few things to be resolved, and the best way to manage that might be through counseling.

It is not easy to ask for help. Many people are put off by that prospect. For myself, I believe if you have the strength, courage and wisdom to ask for services, you are a quantum leap ahead of the game! Sometimes it means taking a deep breath and jumping in with both feet!

As your coach or therapist I can assure you will have the support you’ll need to make your decision! Call me today, and we’ll consider what it is you want and need and begin from there! I look forward to hearing from you very soon!


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