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Coaching ServicesCoaching is a method of asking someone the right questions at the right time, in order to elicit not just insight, but to encourage, support and strategize the best way to make whatever changes are necessary to achieve your goal. How you see the world and yourself in it, and to create the paradigm, or model, to create success. Working with Janice as your transformational coach will encourage resilience against stressors. Collaboratively, you will identify your strengths while evolving and flourishing. Janice is well known for offering the right support, the right encouragement, at the right time so you will realize the confidence you need to achieve the next level of life, career, relationship, or personal growth.

As your therapist Janice will work with you in the long term to help you understand how your mood, thoughts and behaviors are affecting your life and those around you; to assist you in making positive changes to help you reduce anxiety, feelings of depression, reduce or alleviate stress. As your therapist she will help you identify your strengths and how to utilize those strengths to help you move towards your goal.

Sound similar? They are. Approaches may differ, yet the goals are the same, moving from where you are, to a place of success, contentment and satisfaction. Your transformation is Janice’s focus.


Complimentary ½-Hour Consultation

New to coaching and curious about what to expect? Start with a consultation over the phone or via video to talk about what coaching is all about, then you and Janice can decide if forming an alliance makes sense as you transform to the incredible person you are.

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Personalized Coaching Session

After your complimentary telephone consult, you may wish to experience the benefit of coaching before stepping more fully into a coaching relationship.

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Personalized Coaching Session Packages

This package includes one session per week where you and Janice will develop your plan to reach your greatest potential. This includes your personal journal and “boosts” to keep you motivated and engaged toward the result you want.

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To get started with any of Janice’s coaching services:

  1. Make an appointment for the type of session you’d like: in-person, via phone or video (phone and video are only available for free consultations) 
  2. Complete the questionnaire that will be emailed to you after booking your appointment 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  3. Let’s Get Started!


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