Life/Transformational Coaching

The first step….what do you want?  Working with your professional coach, you will create and clarify your goal.  Once the goal is clear, it becomes real.  Perhaps, until now, that goal was a dream — Coaching with the right coach will create reality.

From time-to-time, we may become stuck, perhaps by fear, knowledge (or the lack of it), anger – negativity in general.  While working towards your goal, you will be held accountable for your actions, identify your inner “gremlins” keeping you stuck, process through them, reinforce your strengths, develop the skills that will help you stay motivated and moving forward.

Janice brings positivism and energy to all meetings, a sense of enthusiasm, and always encouraging of you, and sensitive to your needs.   Janice’s strong sense of ethics fosters trust, and guarantees your coaching sessions are private and confidential, and discussed with you alone.

Creating a coaching strategy for you will help keep you motivated.  Taking information from the world, and learning to interpret it and use it to change your thinking, actions, and behaviors.  Inaction breeds doubt, doubt breeds various reasons (excuses) to stay stuck….that’s not you!

Coaching sessions can be done over the telephone, or live video chat; or if you’re in the area, face to face for either 30 or 60-minute sessions.

Whatever you choose, you will feel challenged, motivated and excited to begin your experience, and look forward to your next conversation with Janice!

Call Janice today and begin to…..

  • Develop and reinforce strengths,
  • Effective and powerful communication;
  • Overcoming fear that seems to stop you;
  • Coping with and managing a divorce;
  • Balancing work and personal life (and really enjoying it!)
  • Finding that ideal love or relationship;
  • Becoming organized,and manage you time efficiently and effectively!

Let’s do it together!


Being a life coach is not just a profession for Janice, it’s her passion. Whether it’s helping you fulfill and realize your full potential and guiding you to become your best self; or, if you are stumped by disorganization, stress, poor time management; a woman transitioning into a new and independent life after raising a family and “working from home…”; or helping you navigate the world of dating and relationships. You will appreciate her straight-forward style, playful sense of humor, and dynamic skills to help you feel empowered, validated and confident.

Inquisitive minds ask…..

  • How does coaching work?
  • What is a life coach, and do I need one?
  • What is a transformational coach, and do I need one?
  • How can a dating coach help me, is it too late?
  • How can a coach help me with my ADHD as an adult….”

Choose to become …..inspired…..  Call Janice now and schedule your first coaching

Give Janice a call, she is looking forward to scheduling your  complementary 30 minute coaching session**, by phone or video chat.

** Session will be scheduled once you’ve completed a basic questionnaire.


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