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Therapy won’t keep you stuck in the past!

Psychotherapy is about acknowledging your strengths, developing skills to help you become energized, to help you change your mind about how you think about things like depression, anxiety, stress, worry, or grief. Family and couples therapy is about how to communicate, respect, interact and strengthen your relationships with the people you love the most!

My therapeutic philosophy regarding therapy/counseling isn’t about what is wrong with you. That would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it? It isn’t all about looking deeply and rehashing over and over the events of your childhood; and, it isn’t about keeping you in “treatment” for many years. From time to time it its helpful to achieve your goal, we’ll look back to learn where a certain type of process developed. Would we stay there, and never move forward? Absolutely not. What would be the point, really?

Here’s something you may not realize, did you know you do have the ability to change your brain, outsmart it? For example, if you smile, even if you are not really happy, the exercise actually creates the same chemical reaction in the brain as if you were really happy? The brain starts to wonder, “hmmm, am I happy?” The brain starts to wonder, “…maybe there isn’t a need to be so afraid of everyday things like driving to work…” Staying stuck, stressed, frustrated takes a lot more work and energy than getting unstuck and destressed!

What are your strengths? Yes, you do have strengths, and together we will discover what they are, develop them, and create others. If you have a good friend who may be down, stressed, or frightened, how would you encourage them? Now, turn your words towards yourself, self-compassion is an emotional strength that you deserve.

What is the opposite of depression, anxiety, worry? It is vitality, energy, mindfulness, strength, empowerment. These positive feelings will help you to feel “happy?” Why not start trusting yourself and practice smiling, it can start you down a positive path towards changing the very nature of your life.

When you consider it, your negative thinking is very expensive emotionally and physically. It drains you of energy, creates more stress, chips away at your self-confidence, keeps you stuck. That’s a very high price to pay just for “thinking.” So, why not change your thinking?

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Payment for psychotherapy/counseling sessions is due at the time services are rendered and may be made by credit, debit card(s), check or cash. Insurance is cannot be accepted as payment for therapy.


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