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 Is to quit talking and start doing! [Walt Disney]

 Ever had an idea?  Of course, you have.

You’ve probably thought about something different you’d like to try, someplace you’d like to go, change your career or job, move to a new town, or state, or even start your own business?  Great!  So, what are you waiting for?

Oh, right, that little self-deprecating voice, or maybe that rigid common sense…that little voice…   Procrastination, avoidance is easy to get into. The voice that says, “well, it’s probably not a good time to do that,” “Change jobs? What are you nuts?”

The same little voice, the one that says, “where will you get that money,” “you need to lose 10 lbs.,” “people will think that’s dumb…” The darn voice stops you from moving forward.

The question I have for you is how much do you want it?  This idea you have, this dream you dream.  On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being more than life itself), your ideas, dreams, desire…. Where on the scale will that land?  If its at least a 2+ then my next question is:  what are you waiting for?


1         2        3          4              5           6          7          8               9          10

If you were to write down everything on your mind, all your ideas, your dreams, desires — don’t edit—try to put each thought or idea on the scale.   What do you think, is it worth pursuing?  By the way, this is for your eyes only, you needn’t share with anyone unless you think they’d be encouraging and helpful!

Did you just ask, “what if I make a mistake?”  You can’t!  That’s the beauty of it!  You’re putting down on paper every dream, desire, goal…in detail.   How could you possibly make a mistake!  No, it’s not too hard, and yes, you’re very good at it!  Go for it!

That will likely take you some time, and the next step will come to you after you complete this first step.  Just as those corny little signs you see in knick-knack shops say, “Every journey starts with the first step…”  That’s what you’re doing, taking the first step.

If you’re thinking, as your reading this “well, I think I should just wait for a better time…”  Really?  Why?  When is there going to be a better time?  Do you think at some point in the future, the universe will scream out: “HEY, ITS TIME, LET’S DO THIS!!!”

 Doubt it!

Are you thinking, “come on Janice, we’re in the middle of a pandemic!”  Even the pandemic of 1917 ended at some point, so will this one.  Where will you be when this is over.  Stuck in the same place?   Want a better job, what better time is there to do research on that job, take an online class, plot your course of action.  Not sure how to go about this…look online.  YouTube is one of my favorites “how-to” sites.

Check out colleges or trade schools, maybe there’s a course or training that will help you decide where you want to go.

Thinking it would be nice to have your own business.  Great! If you play it cautious all the time, deny your “gut” feeling, deny that dream that desire, you will never walk confidently in the direction of your dreams, you’ll never take that first step.

The harder your work the luckier you’ll be!  How will you get to where you want to be if you let the cycle of anxiety and worry dictate your life.  Changing the way, you think is not as easy, but anything worth having isn’t easy.  It’ll take some work, some consistency, but anyone can do it.  Challenge the negativity with positive, write out what you want, allow yourself to picture how life will be if you stop the cycle of self-defeating behaviors.

It’s not about the pandemic, it’s not about your training or education, it’s about you.  Trust your own instincts.  We have instincts to keep us safe from harm, to tell us when something feels right.  Maybe you’re unsure how you “feel” about it.  OK, then, start moving toward the idea, the dream, you’re instincts will kick in and then you’ll know.

When this pandemic ends and life returns to some semblance of “normal”  will you be in the same darn place, doing the same thing(s), wondering what life would be like if you just had….You’re worth more than that, don’t you know?

Keep moving forward – jump into it with your arms open wide and feet askance while you scream, “I CAN DO THIS!”  It’ll be well worth it!

Janice Della Badia,

Life/Transformational Coach

Board Certified Psychotherapist


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