What is Choosing to Become?

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What is Choosing to Become?

What does Carl Jung have to do with my website? What is Choosing to Become…what does that mean? Inquiring minds want to know! The following quote illustrates my philosophy of coaching, therapy and life:

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become” — Carl Jung

Lets face it, choosing who you are, rather than living your life as an outcome of your past, is our ultimate goal, our personal nirvana, the way, our ultimate chi — our life force.

Sounds a little “new agey?” Maybe. A little bit hokey? Maybe. Yet, isn’t that what most of us want: to be whole, to understand and empower ourselves so we can become the person we want to be? To be that person we knew we could be — the one in there who speaks to us, you know who he or she is — all you have to do is choose.

Carl Jung developed his theories and became the father of analytical psychology [not to be confused with Freud’s psychoanalysis] in the earlier part of the 20th century. Although Jung studied with Freud, they parted company when Jung disagreed with Freud about one’s life being determined by one’s past. Instead, Jung believed that one may change one’s life if he or she would take the time to explore their own thoughts, dreams, spirituality, and so on. To individuate. The process assists the conscious mind to communicate with the unconscious mind — that part of our psyche not developed from experience, but from deep within ourselves, the core of what we are, our self.

Once we hear, listen to, and learn the self, we define and understand how our level of energy either boosts us forward, or has been holding us back. The stuff that befuddled us — in life, situations, relationships — becomes clear. With this clarity, we understand that what we may have thought was impossible becomes possible. We choose to become what we wish, not what the world thinks, what we may have been told we are or should be, and especially not that little gremlin (super ego) whispering silly negativity in our ear.

If coaching is the best method to assist and support you on your journey, you will have a goal. If there are some stumbling blocks you may need to work through and therapy may be the better process at this point in time, isn’t there a goal to be achieved? This is why my firm belief is wherever you are in life, whichever process is best for you, the end result is that you achieve, you chose to become. Though the methods of coaching and therapy differ, the end result is you can become that amazing leader, you can re-train your brain and take the driver’s seat when things become stressful, worrisome. You can rid your self of doubt and develop your confidence.

Marcia Reynolds, in her book Outsmart Your Brain said it well: “It’s time you learn how to corral your mind into paying attention to the world going on in front of you.”

When you make a choice to take one job over another, to date this person rather than the other, to turn left instead of right, you discover and recognize where you are in this moment and determine where you wish to be tomorrow, next month, next year. You have started your journey — you have made a choice to become.

There is nothing we can change about yesterday. We can plan for tomorrow but then again, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. It is only what you have in front of you — in the here and now — that really matters.

I believe Jung was telling us we can use all of ourselves, our collective conscious to learn who we are, and where we want to be. Nothing is predetermined. There may be destiny, but only that which you create for yourself — from your dreams, from your instincts, from your inner most beliefs.

When Jung said you are not what happened to you, you are what you chose to become, he was telling us, this is your time, the present.

A very good friend of mine likes to remind me, “if not now, when?”

“Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.” — Walt Whitman